Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Grace!

Grace is one of my dearest friends and this weekend I got to celebrate her with many other of her dear friends including her parents. It was such a blast to make her feel loved the way she makes all of us feel so loved!

Grace with three of her favorite little people, Sophie, Thomas and Henry.

Tiff, me, Marcy, Grace, Steph and Sarah. Marcy was the gracious host of the party and the adorable littles are hers :)

A great shot! Aren't my friends beauties???!!!


bass family said...

Oh Ter, I love seeing how you are surrounded by such wonderful friends! I so miss having such good, close girlfriends!

Kim W. said...

Gorgeous ladies you all are! Happy Birthday to Grace. What a great way to put it - to love her the way she always makes everyone feel :-) And, look at how long Tiff's hair is getting - I couldn't see it last weekend! XOXO

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi, Rachel & Isaiah said...

You all look's been soooo long! If you all are ever up north please let me know. I'd love to see any of you! Beautiful pics!