Thursday, October 21, 2010

fun times!

Last weekend was packed with fun! I got to celebrate Sarah's surprise (well not quite a surprise) birthday with our girlfriends as well as TONS of other people who love her! PLUS Jeff and I went to the Broncos game against the Jets. It was fun! Well, I had fun. Jeff can't stand to see the Broncos lose, so he wasn't too thrilled. I thought the stadium experience was enough to balance it out,though. It's so fun to cheer with thousands of other fans and to have such a great view of the field! Here's hoping the Broncos don't lose against the Raiders. We might not be watching anyway, Jeff says he's given up on them. We shall see.

Steph and Grace looking glam

Me and Gracie

We tried to get a good photo of all of us. Problem was we had this crazy man snapping the pictures. Oh well, it's still a memory.

Me, Tiff and Steph

Just a small idea of the big crowd walking from the lightrail to the stadium.

Even the trees were Broncos fans :)

The socks did make an appearance!

An empty stadium. It didn't pack out until right at the beginning of the game. It was Orange Sunday. Everyone was supposed to wear orange. It didn't look that orange in person, but we heard it looked pretty orange on TV.

The cheerleaders wore pink and the band was fun!

During half time they had breast cancer survivors tell their stories.

And random pictures of veggies. The cilantro is from our garden! I wanted to use garden tomatoes for the salsa, but they just didn't turn in time. I confess the salsa isn't as good as it would have been. Oh well!


Kimmy W said...

You ladies are total HOTTIES!!!!! Miss you all. XOXO.

bass family said...

Gosh I miss you! but love the pictures :)

Sara Joy Martin said...

Looks like soooo much fun!! I'm glad you got to Invesco!!

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi, Rachel & Isaiah said...

What great pics! I love the pictures of your salsa...if in need of fast ripening of tomato's...putting them in the window works or...put them into a brown bag and set over night...they should ripen for you...I really love your blog!