Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

What a wonderful week it has been! Last weekend Jeff and I went on a fun date to "our restaurant" AND he surprised me with flowers one day :) That boy is on a role. This weekend was so nice, full of celebrating Christmas with friends.

Saturday was the 8th annual Christmas party with college girlfriends. This was the first year Grace hosted. She went ALL OUT! She made gorgeous decorations, centerpieces, gifts and food and drink for the brunch. It was a beautiful celebration at her house, full of warmth, laughs and love. I hope we make these annual parties last forever! Steph, Sarah, Tiff, and Grace are gifts to my heart.

We took TONS of pictures because it seemed like I looked like a giant in so many of them. Plus we had to get one where we all looked just right ;) Then there were the obligatory silly pictures!

I HAD to get one with Steph's leg like this. She is a riot!

Steph and Sarah shooting Grace for some reason!

Ah, such pretty friends! Steph, Sar, Tiff, Grace and me.

Sitting down to eat at the fancy table.

Grace's lovely paper mache'd NOEL and hand made stars on the garland. Made of book paper!

She found this frame, added the twine and uses it as a Christmas card holder. Perfect!

Festive raspberry mint water.

A wreath made of coffee filters and berries!

This was my favorite! An ugly pink and gray swan turned into a gorgeous centerpiece with book pages and sheet music and a poinsettia!

Gifts! An ornament for each guest with our names on them.

The party was so lovely it was very hard to leave!

Friday night was a Holiday Wine Soiree at my friend Jo's house. Her downtown house is absolutely adorable, lovely, cozy and perfectly Christmassy. It was a blast to sit and chat while nibbling on delightful snacks and sipping with with Jo, Staci and Ashley. What fun to have with friends!

Jo and Wes's cat George. So handsome!

The silly pictures from this night! Jo, Ashely, me and Staci.

We got dressed up for this little shindig.

Jo and Wes's tree was so full and perfect and REAL!

Ash and Stace.

The set up. Jo was the perfect host!

I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends in my life. What fun to celebrate with them. I hope your season is full of so much warmth, laughter and love as well!


Kim W. said...

Awe, I LOVE everything Grace made for the party - she is SO talented! You all look gorgeous. I miss you all so much.

I love your dress -- where did you get it?? It looks hot on you!

The Lynns said...

HA HA HA, Ter! Glad you posted ALL the crazy pics! ;) That sure was an ordeal!

bass family said...

1) Good job, Jeff!
2) What a fun party!
3) You are GORGEOUS!
ok that's all :)

mom said...

What a beautiful party at Grace's. Merry Christmas to all your friends!