Saturday, February 11, 2012

Olivia - 6 weeks

Olivia Layne, you are 6 weeks old! You are growing and changing by the day. We can see that your getting so strong with your neck and legs. Your facial expressions are priceless, I wish I could catch them all on camera. You still make lots of grunting noises, especially when you try to wake up. Last Saturday you were an angel. Daddy had an all day swim meet and only got to be home for a couple of hours. Grandma Smalberger came to visit for a few hours, which was wonderful, but when she and Daddy were both gone, I was really lonely. I also started getting a migraine. Well, you and I went across the street to visit our friends and you were an angel. Sure, you cried a bit here and there, but it's as if you sensed that I was having a hard time and you were on your best behavior. We even had to come home and lay down for a while and you just laid right beside me and sucked your binkie quietly while I waited for my migraine meds to kick in. Thank you! Of course then on Sunday you had one of your most upsetting days. I'm wondering if you were feeling sick. You basically cried all day if you weren't asleep, you even cried while eating :( And you didn't sleep much. Poor Daddy and I didn't know what to do to make you feel better. When you were only a little better on Monday and Tuesday, Daddy called Grandma Schurz to see if she could come help and she practically hopped right in the car! We were so thankful for her help, especially me. She just held you and rocked you all day for a few days so I could have a little break and get a few things done. I think she had a calming presence on you. You still had a few episodes, but you seemed to be doing better. Daddy and I even went out 2 nights in a row, our first time out since you were born! Grandma had to leave last night, so of course you had a very fussy night. We tried shushing you, walking around, giving you your binkie, patting your bottom, gripe water. We tried everything! You just cried until you wore yourself out. Then you slept for a little while, then cried again. It is hard to hear you so sad and not be able to comfort you. It's also exhausting to walk around while you belt it out for hours. But we love you so much and I will walk you around as long as I need to, or until my back falls off, then it will be up to your Dad ;) We think your tummy feels bad sometimes and sometimes it seems like you have trouble getting your poo out, poor thing. Hopefully as you get older and bigger those things will get better. 

I'm not sure how to get you onto a routine, but I'm looking forward to the days when there is a bit of one. You eat every 2-3 hours, and sometimes less, both during the day and night. In the very beginning you would sleep on my chest at night and then I'd put you in your little vibrating seat. Sometimes we'd sleep on the couch together in the middle of the night, sometimes we'd go to the guest room. Then you got more consistent with sleeping in the seat. But now you're too big for that little seat! So we got you a Rock n Play. You seem to like how it isn't flat and with blankets in it and around you I think you feel cozy and hugged. I think you sleep better on your side in our bed, so we do that sometimes after you nurse in the middle of the night. Hey, I hear you grunting and waking up right now, how am I going to finish typing this? You're in your swing, and you've been there for at least 20 minutes, which is a record! You certainly like to be held ALL THE TIME and you love movement. I'm hoping to get a front carrier and I really hope you'll like being it in, because as much as I'd love to sit on the couch and snuggle and rock you like Grandma did, things have to get done. We've seen you smile a few times, which is awesome! Each day is a new adventure.We're trying to enjoy this stage while also looking forward to the days of more interaction and routine. We love you!

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