Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Olivia Layne - 11 weeks

Olivia, you are 11 weeks old! Daddy and I got a bit scared this week when we found two tiny bumps on the back of your head. Just to be safe we took you to the doctor and were relieved to find out they are only 2 of many tiny lymph nodes you have. They are nothing to worry about! Since we went to the doctor we got to find out you weigh 11 lbs 8 oz and are in the 34th percentile there. But you are sure growing and I can't get over your chubby little thighs and wrists. You are so pretty! This has been one of my favorite weeks because you have really started smiling big! It is so fun to see and try to get you to show us those dimples. You have also gotten a few "words" out and it's awesome to see your little mouth working on those. The weather has been very warm and sunny for this time of year so it's been neat to take you outside for more walks or even to just walk around the yard. I can't wait for summer when we can play outside a lot more and enjoy the fresh air and nature. You are getting much better in the evenings which means your colic must be disappearing. YAY! You still get a little uncomfortable, but not for nearly as long. In the past week or so you've become more consistent at nap time and take a longer mid-day nap for about 1-2.5 hours. You're still a great sleeper at night, too, going usually for longer than 6 hours on your first stretch. Not all the time, but many times, and it's wonderful. The next 1-2 stretches aren't so great, but having a long first bout of uninterrupted sleep feels nice for mama. You really like sucking on your fists. Bath time is still unpredictable with you liking it sometimes and not liking it other times. You still always dislike getting OUT of the bath :( You're doing great at tummy time, but I confess I don't keep you on your tummy for long if it looks like you'll get fussy. Other things to remember: Grandma and Granddad Smalberger kept you on Friday night so Mama and Daddy could go to a movie. On the drive there I realized I forgot my cell phone, which is so unlike me even without leaving my baby at home! I started crying right away and Daddy offered to turn around. We would have missed the first part of the movie, though, so I decided to use a pay phone when we got there. They didn't have one but suggested I try the cafe inside. The employee there was a sweet teenage girl who let me borrow her cell phone! She probably thought I was crazy since I was crying and asked to use a phone to call my mom who had my baby. Grandma answered and said everything would be alright and if anything happened they would drive over to the theater and find us. I offered to tip the girl, but she wouldn't accept. I wonder what other crazy things I'll do in your lifetime!?
Mama and Daddy got sick with food poisoning and I even had to go to the ER. Daddy did an amazing job of taking care of you AND me and slept ALL day only getting to see you when you needed to eat. It was so sad, but I was really proud of you and Daddy. Our friend Kimberly came to visit and it was so fun. She brought you lots of adorable clothes and shoes that her little girl Avery wore 4 years ago when she was your age. We went to Hobby Lobby and Good Times and watched a lot of HGTV :) Hopefully we'll get to go visit them in Omaha sometime in the not too distant future. Mama has to go back to work next week, but at least it is Daddy and Cade's spring break so you'll get to spend quality time with them and Grandma and Grandpa Schurz. I can't even imagine what my first week and first day away from you will be like. If I think about it I just cry, so I'll stop right now. I can't wait until tomorrow morning since you are already in bed, when I get to hold and snuggle and play with you and soak up every minute for the rest of this week. You are a delight, little Livi. We love you!

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Ashley said...

boo for going back to work ter. :( take comfort in the fact that a million moms are missing their babes throughout the day too. did you find a daycare you feel good about?