Friday, February 22, 2013

I forgot my camera!!!

Last weekend Livi and I went on a fun Mama/Daughter trip to Fort Collins! I admit I was a bit nervous about the drive and staying in a hotel, but in the end everything worked out so wonderfully and I'm really glad we went! Livi did GREAT in the car and we had a blast pretty much the whole time. I tried to remind myself not to get worked up over her schedule (or lack thereof) and just go with the flow when needed. It proved to work well because when she decided not to take her morning nap on Saturday morning, we went ahead and headed to Old Town to window shop and she fell asleep in the stroller for 1.5 hours! That is longer than her normal naps! We got to spend great time with our old friends Jo and Everly on Friday evening and Saturday morning, hit up all my favorite shops on Saturday morning and then went to a lovely baby shower to celebrate my old friend Sarah and the upcoming birth of her son! It made me really excited to know that little trips like this can be fun. What will the future hold? Of course I couldn't find my camera so there are NO pictures, just memories. But here are a few pictures of lately to fill in the words :)

I tried to capture a picture of Livi and our Sense Of Place treasures to show to Grace, because that store is special to us :)

We found out Olivia likes to ride her Zebra much more if the music is NOT playing!

If you didn't think she looked like Daddy before, is there any denying it now???

Big girl using a fork! Watch the video below-it's priceless.

more boat progress! Jeff put 2 sides on! I have to admit it makes my stomach hurt sometimes, not knowing how it will pan out. Look at how that wood has to bend! And all those clamps to hold it on! YIKES!

My Hubby is pretty amazing :)

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