Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are you sure it's Spring???

Colorado, as usual, is offering up some crazy Spring weather. 60's and sunny one day, 60mph wind and 1 degree the next day. We had another really fun zoo day, followed by all 3 of us getting a terrible stomach bug. Poor Olivia was incredibly sick and it was one of the hardest things I've gone through yet as a mama. Poor little bug :( Hopefully we can call that good for the next 5 years of health! Now, Mother Nature, let's bring on some warmth, mkay?

"I am not amused with Clarence trying to eat my snacks."

My new computer, which I don't love because it's NOT REAL.

picking pretty purple flowers!

another picnic

Carmelita love

no fear of that 18" tongue!

making the sign for elephant!

Olivia LOVED the bird area. She didn't want to leave and thought she could probably catch a bird if she tried hard enough. It was adorable!

First carousel ride. She didn't hate it but didn't want to sit on a horse!

right at home with the chickies

zonked after a long afternoon

having a popsicle to get some fluids back after being so sick

and the 1 degree weather affect

Is there anything cuter than a little fluffy skirted bottom walking along?!

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