Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Big 3-3!

Note: even though it was my birthday yesterday, this post contains pictures of Olivia in her birthday suit, in case you are not comfortable with that you may want to wait for the next post :)

First things first: check out the boat progress! Holes filled and sanded. Looking pretty sleek, no?

giving clarence some water

trying to sit on clarence

 feeding baby

olivia always has kix in the car and she loves that treat! here she is smiling with a mouthful of them!

here I am standing on a chair announcing free books for world book night!

we went out for sushi and olivia LOVED the miso soup with tofu

as you can see she also loves being naked

my birthday table thanks to brother bear Scottie. he made the cake, too and it was ah-maze-ing!

olivia was in love with the balloon. she was letting out the most adorable squeals!

singing happy birthday

scottie loves to carve and he does an amazing job. here he made me a special "sister bear" decoration

a special and romantic surprise from Jeff-pink jewel earrings!

walking around with her balloon

seriously delish

she was crying here. i couldn't get a happy happy birthday picture with her. oh well.

books gone in 30 minutes. a successful and fun birthday/world book night!


Sarah said...

Happy birthday, friend!

mom said...

Bare naked babies; babies feeding babies; super sleek looking boat; world book night; sushi; special cake and decorations; beautiful 33-old mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend ...
WOW! Fun blog.

jotoart111 said...

Ter!! Happy Birthday Friend!! I wish I was there to celebrate with you! Olivia is beautiful!! My family was just in town hence not returning your call, but I want to chat soon! Love you friend..

jotoart111 said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!! My family was just in town, hence not returning your call yet but I can't wait to connect. Love you and beautiful Oilivia!!

Ashley said...

Glad you had a great bday! Olivia just is simply adorable. It just keeps getting better doesnt if? The rec by our house has a drop in gymnastics class like an open gym you can go to. We've oh been a handful of times but if us pretty fun. Isla was playing with rice. She likes scooping, transferring, and general mess making with it.