Friday, August 30, 2013

Olivia Layne - 20 months

Oh Olivia, you are just too much lately! So much fun with the sweetest personality. I LOVE watching you. You are doing fun things like pretending now. Pretending to feed your baby, pretending to be a bear, growling and running with your hands out, pretending to be a kitty, crawling around and meowing,
pretending to eat and drink your toy foods, pretending to get an ouchie so daddy will kiss it, pretending your baby is hurt by fake crying so we will rock her and soothe her. It is a riot! You are also becoming so independent. (not in playtime just yet!) But you like to do things by yourself, especially go down stairs. One day you actually slipped down the front step and hurt your back, and even through your tears of pain you insisted on trying it again by yourself. You go down slides by yourself now, but I still catch you pretty early so you don't go bonk. Your hair is getting so long! Still very curly in the back and straight in the front. Nayelle is amazing with your hair and you always have cute pigtails or ponytails when I pick you up. You like for her to style your hair :) You seem to be doing great with the new kids she cares for, too. I am so thankful that you have friends and can develop socially after you had such good and important quality one on one time. And those kids are just wonderful. I couldn't ask for better friends for you. You say so many words now I really can't keep track. You never say them all the time and you still communicate mostly in unnh's and mmmm's, but we can almost always figure out what you're saying. The rare times we can't figure it out are frustrating and sad because you get so upset trying to tell us something and we just can't figure it out! I hope those times will be few and far between and that you'll use words more and more. Some of the words from the past month are: off, on, baby (you say baby a lot :) Bye, Yes, Yep, Eye, Arm, Apple, Bowl, Park (sounds like bop), Bowl, Home, Bubble, Down, Hat. It is the coolest thing to hear you say a word, for the first time or the 50th! You love fruit! Your breakfasts and lunches mostly consist of all kinds of fruits, brocolli/cauliflower/cheese, eggs, goldfish, yogurt or applesauce, and for dinner you eat what we eat :) You still wake up once a night a majority of the time, but that's OK. I figure I'll just be a tired mama for a few years ;) You LOVE the park and we go almost every day. You like to play in your pool in the back yard with Baby. You like me to pick Clarence up and tell him where to go. You love to play with your school bus, but not by yourself. Daddy or Mommy always have to open and close the door, put the broken door back on, walk the boy, girl and driver up and down the step, etc and repeat. You like to draw with a pen and can copy a circle and line for the most part. You like stickers. You say "cheese" for the camera. You are so smart! It is hot in our front yard in the afternoons, so every time you ask to go outside Daddy says, "it's too hot out front, let's go out back." Now, when we get ready to leave for the park, you head out back instead of out the front door! You seem to get a little more cuddly each month, much to Daddy's and my delight. You love to roughhouse and tumble with Daddy. You are active and fun and adorable and I can't even describe how much I love you. xoxo my sweet girl.

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