Saturday, August 24, 2013

Picture overload!

Well I finally joined the land of technology and got a smart phone. It's pretty cool, but the strange thing is I find it stressful to have to devices that take pictures. There are too many places that pictures are stored and I want to be sure I'm backing everything up and posting everything and oh my, it's so much! I finally figured out how to transfer my pictures from my phone (super easy, as it turns out) and I compiled the 3 folders I had of camera pictures, and voila, here they are! Now I just need to figure out why some of the phone pictures are so crisp and clear and why some are really grainy. I'm not even changing any settings. Strange. Anyway, enjoy the past several weeks in snapshots :)

Playing barbie, coloring and making tutus with Grandma and Grandpa

Cabinet doors Jeff built for Grandma and Grandpa's camper
 Playing at the park

 Eating raspberries from the backyard

Eating cereal the way daddy does...sugar milk! (notice the cereal isn't even gone yet!)

Zoo day with Grandma


 Smelling the flowers

first ponytail!

 Always at the park
Pizza picnic on Cade's last day

helping with dishes
 on a walk


 bathtime with baby

tushy and mama's socks

mmm, hail


taking Dora (the sprinkler) to the park

special hot dog at Freddy's!

lunch with "the girls" in Castle Rock...making a wish

bird watching at Grandma and Grandpa's


Mmm, juicy peach

 watering the plants

take a closer look at Jeff's beard....

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