Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We had a great time this weekend! We celebrated Jeff's birthday, went to a HS football game and to a pumpkin patch, all with Grandma and Grandpa! Here's the proof :)

checking out this awesome new bike from Hannah. Olivia LOVES it! 

are you kidding me with that smile??

trying on her Halloween wings. she doesn't like them :( 

big girl! (scared mama!)

even grandpa was enjoying the park

playing in the dirt

helping daddy open his presents

of all the cards in all the stores and he got TWO of the same one! 

taking her babies for a walk

at the pumpkin farm. it was AWESOME!



goats and sheep and ponies and bunny

corn box! she LOVED this!


ummm, tight fit. she pushed me out, even! 

more dirt play (in the parking lot!)


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mom said...

So many great pictures; I can't even pick out the best one! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend.