Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Olivia Layne - 22 Months

Dearest sweet Olivia,

Don't even get me started on the fact that there are only TWO MONTHS until you turn TWO. Oh my stars. Time is slipping through my fingers. I do believe these past few months have been my favorite. You are so animated and full of life! You make me laugh and smile every single day. You're learning to count, recognize numbers and hold up corresponding fingers. You are talking using more real words as well as your own language and I love hearing you chatter on the phone, "reading" a book, or talking to your babies. Playing with your babies is becoming more involved and it is so neat to watch you put them to bed, swaddle them and feed them. I haven't been able to catch a few things on camera, but you make this adorable face now, with your lips pouting out and your head tilted to the side and your brow furrowed as you way  "awww" or "oh" when you see something cute. It's also adorable to watch you find something exciting and your eyes light up and you say your own little excited words with exclamation points. Your naps are forever all over the place, and you still wake up in the night more often than not. You are growing and eating like a champ. Your favorite food is a hot dog and your favorite color seems to be purple. You still love to play outside, but now we are running into the challenge of limiting your "tv" watching, because you love watching Curious George so much. You have stopped liking baths as much so you only take them every other night now. If you ask me, you are a genius! You pretty much understand everything we say, and everything Nayelle says to you in Spanish. A funny side-note: you don't like anyone else to talk to you in Spanish. If we try you say "no no no." And you don't speak any words in Spanish, really either (although you will repeat a few if we ask.) Speaking of words, my favorite are "teek too" (thank you) and "eeya" (Olivia.) :) You like to play hide and seek and this week even hid yourself. It was hilarious. You would look for a bush or something and bend down at the waist as you got near to it and you would be hidden. So cute! There are so many things that make you wonderful, sweet baby girl. I can't even count them all. You are and always have been spirited, and while sometimes it can put us into a conundrum, I know you are going to use that fire in your belly for awesome things! A blogger I love recently wrote about her similar daughter and I love all the new words I can use to describe your perfectly you personality:

spirited, fire-cracker, tenacious, passionate, sweet and salty, feisty, energetic, determined...

I can't wait to see what this month brings. I love you BIG! Love, Mama.

(photo overload!)

baby is saying cheese :)

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