Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More fun times!

helping Daddy spread out the compost pile

our new room for the big sale

uncle scott's birthday!

just a little hail

a visit to the North Pole!

a little shy with Santa

soooo big!

this rollercoaster was NOT fun!

while Olivia thought this ferris wheel was great fun, I was terrified of how high it was!!!

this giant swinging ride was NOT fun either! 

and she's out

watching the storm

checking out the hail

trying on mama's shoes

got the hook in-almost ready to put it on the trailer

extending the bumpers, putting on new carpet, painting



oh shoot. the wheel wells are in the way! thankfully nothing got ruined and Jeff cut the wells off. 

help from Jen. 

and it's on. AND in the garage. And we're still not sure it's right. Might need to lower the front a bit. Need to figure out the wells. But it's progress! 

playing hide and seek with neighbor Chloe

Jeff's boys swim team banquet

she would get so excited and clap when everyone else did

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