Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Olivia Layne - 28 months

My sweet, sweet angel,

Well, where do I begin? Other than all the usual things I hope you already know. You continue to grow and change right before our eyes. Many people comment on how tall you are! It's true, when I look at you when you are at rest, I am amazed at how long and big you are. Before I know it you will be reaching the pedals of a car. Not too soon, my sweet, okay? You are becoming so brave it literally takes my breath away. You LOVE to climb! Sometimes, when you are playing with Daddy, I have to turn away because my stomach is in knots seeing you reach higher, go faster, jump farther. I WANT you to try new things and reach as far as you can, but that doesn't mean it's easy. I can't stand to see you get hurt, which seems inevitable as you stretch your arms higher to the sky, a little farther away from me. I hope you know I will catch you if you fall, I will kiss your ouchies and wipe your tears. Both now and forever. It's been such fun watching you blossom this way. We've been to the pool several times lately and you are having a blast jumping off the edge into our arms. You still don't like to get your face wet, but you think it's such fun to jump! Sometimes you don't even wait until we're totally ready, which of course freaks me out as I dive over to catch you before you go under. Isn't that something Mama's must always try to do? Catch our babies before they go under? I don't suppose we'll always succeed at that. But you better believe I will die trying if I must. Your vocabulary and grammar continue to grow. You always talk in sentences now, and quite often they are perfectly correct. I have to admit I love it when your yes sounds like yeth, though. Or when you say I catch it to you instead of I'll throw it to you. Nadxieli continues to do an amazing job teaching you. You are getting very good at sharing and taking turns, although who can expect a toddler to do that all the time? It seems you may have entered the phase of two year olds everyone talks about. Who could ever call you terrible, though? I prefer tricky ;) You have always had spunk and known what you want when you want where you want it. That is no different now, but your little brain is at the stage now where you just have a hard time explaining it in words, so screams and "no's" and hitting and tears sometimes take their place. It's true what they say, a toddler can experience extreme joy and extreme sadness or frustration or anger all in a 5 minute span. Your Daddy and I are sure working hard to show you our empathy and patience and love in the midst of those emotional roller-coasters. I hope with all my heart you can feel it and know it. I may not love the meltdowns, and I certainly don't know what I'm doing, but if they are helping us love you better, helping you grow into a stronger, more empathetic girl, then they are worth it. (let's just hope this phase doesn't last for too long! ;) No matter what, you are loved beyond measure. I can't wait to see what this next day brings.


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