Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We love to party

Well my birthday was awesome! It was a bit of a crazy/confusing/exciting evening, really. Jeff had a swim meet and little did I know he was planning on making me my favorite ever chocolate cake on Thursday. Poor guy came into the house after his meet to see that Scott had decorated and already made a cake. Oops. I felt very loved by both of them but did feel bad about the miscommuncation. Which was only one of two. I started by opening the gifts from Scott and was blown away by his thoughtfulness. He got me a nutriblast smoothie maker AND fruits, veggies, nuts, and powders to use in it. I had mentioned to him quite a while ago that I was wanting a juicer again and he remembered and delivered. NOT KNOWING that I also told Jeff that I wanted a juice, and like the sweet husband he most definitely is, he not only got me what I wished for, but he got me one of the most awesome juicers EVER! OOPS. I felt so lucky and loved and so worried and confused about what to do. Keep both? Return one? Which one? Return both? YIKES. Both of them were very sweet and told me to do whatever I wanted to do. I must have decided in my sleep because when I woke up on Thursday I knew I was going to keep both. They are really different in what they do, so it's pretty cool to have them both. We've already made two juices and two smoothies!

This weekend we also partied like rockstars. We went to the swimming pool with Olivia. She has been asking to go ever since we went with Grandma. She wanted to go down the slide again. She is such a brave girl and we had a great time showing Daddy the cool pool. She jumped off the side to Daddy a bunch of times and went down the slide a lot, too. That wasn't even all the fun we had. After a nap and a haircut for mommy (reveal to come :) we decided to take advantage of the last warm day for the week and we went to the fair! It was a perfect evening, warm, not windy, and Olivia had so much fun! Sadly for her Jeff and I both get sick on pretty much any ride, but I braved it anyway since she was about 1 inch to small to ride by herself, and I survived. Wouldn't you know the first ride was the WORST. It was so fast. I had to keep my head down to keep from getting sick! I'm telling you, our sweet girl loves to have fun and is really brave! What an awesome weekend we had :)

seriously. this ride was no joke for my motion sickness. 

we went down this like about 5 times! 

funnel cake. we all loved it! 

just had to get a photo of the hors d'oeurves. Chips and salsa for Jeff, chips and ranch for Olivia :) 

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