Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break Continued

Goodness we had a fun week! It is always wonderful having Cade home. He's a great kid (well, MAN almost) and the family feels complete when he's in the house. As he gets older he doesn't loose his sweetness (which might not be what a 16 year old wants to be known as, but I hope so) and it's so cool to see him play with his little sister. I wish I would have made an effort to get more pictures of him. At least he'll be back in 2 months! :) We also got to have Grandma and Grandpa Schurz and cousin Asher visit! Olivia and Asher are only a few months apart and it's adorable watching them together. Asher is a laid back little angel. They did pretty well playing together non-stop for a little over a day. Olivia wasn't used to sharing her own toys, so there were patches of disagreements, but even then Asher remained steadfast in his sweetness :) I should not forget to mention he knows all about construction vehicles: frontloaders, dump trucks, tractors, cement mixers, and many more! Jim helped Jeff most of one full day on his boat, which I know was much appreciated! Here are WAY too many pictures, but you know me, I just can't delete!!!

another doll house! Patsy's dad built this one and Aunt Jennifer, then cousin Hannah used to play with it. Very cool!

Olivia is getting really good at puzzles. 


playing with the quiet boxes. stringing beads.

a little afternoon cake

relaxing talking to mommy and daddy on the phone

letting Olivia talk

i love this. it looks like Asher is giving his parents a good talking to


if only the toilet wasn't in the way I would totally frame this and put it in the bathroom :) nothing more adorable than little tushies.

this guy knows how to enjoy a shampoo session

headed to the park. i love the shadows. (PS, lots of these pictures are courtesy of Pasty!)

look at those clouds coming in. it was cooooold. 

there little fingertips touching. swoon.

sticker time

the oldest boy and youngest boy

electrical work!

that's my man

dump truck time

Asher's got quite the form

why is it so appealing to play on stairs?

Asher talking to mommy and daddy again, Olivia pretending

I love these shots with Grandpa

time to say goodbye :(

men and their computers. little did anyone know Asher was buying a $22 season of Dora the Explorer! 

too cool

reading up on boats

there is a lot to learn

reading with Grandma (she really was here, too!)

umm, too much adorable.


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