Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter and other things of happiness :) part 1

Olivia, my mom and I took a trip to Nebraska for a long Easter weekend. It was one of the best trips! Olivia was a dream in the car, which isn't always the case. She took a short nap in the morning but the rest of the time she played contentedly with the Kindle or toys, ate yummy snacks and chatted away. We only stopped twice! One of our stops was to visit my cousin Christy at her school. We surprised her with tulips to tell her congratulations on her pregnancy. It was really sweet and a perfect little break. We almost had too much fun to list while we were at the farm. We played in the playhouse which Grammy and Granddad had painstakingly cleaned out. Olivia loved going in and out of the door. Unfortunately she locked Grandma in and couldn't get the hook back up so Grandma had to climb out the window. Oops! She loved Ruby the dog. We had 2 egg hungs, colored eggs, went dress shopping, went to a baby shower, had a delicious meal out at Tequilas where Olivia ate an entire bowl of chips and salsa, visited with cousins and 2nd cousins, went to church and church breakfast. It was fabulous! Enjoy the far too many photos of Easter egg hunts! 
another precious 4 generation photo

Olivia did a great job of warming up to Granddad, which really made him happy :)

the best baby and the best doggie

cousins! Jenifer, Gail and Janice

looking for the train

gathering the eggs

there it is!

reading another Quiet Book made by Grammy

taking a ride on the fancy new 4-wheeler

giving Granddad some tea

And now for some random fun at home :) More zoo fun with Grandma and Grandpa Schurz, who made another quick visit the weekend prior to our Nebraska trip. This girl isn't spoiled at all ;)

I seriously love everything about this picture. The smiles! The waves! The purple!

And isn't this one of the BEST pictures of the 3 of them???? 

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mom said...

Oh my gosh. These are some fantastic memory pictures!