Saturday, November 1, 2014

Olivia Layne - 34 Months

Sweet, sweet girl, how can you ever understand the love I have for you and the joy you bring to me? This month with you has filled my heart to the brim. I'm actually writing this on Halloween, and this very day has been one of the best days in a while, from morning until you fell asleep in my arms. For starters, you slept in until 7:45!! Lately you've been waking up about 6:30, so 7:45 was a tremendous treat! You usually come into our room and sleep with us in the middle of the night. You snuggle up right next to me so that Daddy has about 3/4 of the bed and I'm struggling not to fall off!
You have stopped napping, which at first I was terrified would be horrible, but I have reframed the way I look at it and things are really not too bad. Instead of going to bed at 8:30, you are now usually asleep by 7:30-7:45, and it's usually not a struggle at all. What a relief! One day you will hear the phrase "the days are long, but the years are short," and you will understand what I mean when I say that a no napping toddler takes some adjustment, but you and I are really finding our groove :) You were SO excited about trick or treating I can't even capture it in words. You couldn't wait to "go knock on doors" and you literally ran and shouted with glee and said "I'm so excited about my first day of Halloween!" It was precious and as you will come to recognize, was one of many things that brought tears of joy to my eyes. The complete happiness you had for this event totally overcame me and it was a total blast to witness you having such fun.
I can't believe you are two months away from turning 3. I think most people who see you and hear you probably think you are already three. I've said it before, but your speech is amazing. Your memory, your recall, your intelligence, while are not at all surprising to me by this time, are still somehow surprising, if that makes sense. Your favorite things are still to climb and jump, often resulting in total euphoria for you and near heart attacks for me. Routine and the way we say and do things really stick with you, so you often correct people if they say or do something differently than we do. Even Daddy. When we were getting a snack of popcorn one day I suggested that eating it out of a bowl would be easier than the bag (because of the mess, hello Type A mama). Later that day, when Daddy was getting his own popcorn and eating it from the bag, you said "umm, Daddy, you need to get a bowl because it will be easier." We started taking snacks when we stroll downtown or to the library, which means that now and forevermore we must take snacks. What once was will always be.
You love apples, bananas, fruit snacks, nola (granola) bars and goldfish. You eat more spaghetti than I can during dinner. You love special treats like donuts or going to the coffee shop. You love going into the toy store to play with the trains and you even say "I won't be sad if we don't buy anything" before we go in.
When you talk and say words with more than one syllable you usually leave off the first syllable. Gymnastics is nastics. Granola is nola. Your friend Dimitri is Mitri. It's precious. Speaking of gymnastics, you LOVE it and you love your teacher. Each Wednesday morning when I tell you today is gymnastics day you immediately light up and say "now?!" You repeat what your teacher does and says throughout the week. I am so happy you have a fun thing to do with another adult and other kiddos :)
We got a doggie this month. Her name was Georgia, so we modified it to Georgie, like Curious George, since he is still your favorite. You are funny with Georgie. There is definitely some sibling rivalry going on. Most of the time she seems to annoy you. She gets to close, you don't like her to sniff you or your stuff, you don't like her to be on your bed, you like to push her away and tell her no. But other times you want to play with her, pet her and you often want her to watch you do your tricks, like dancing or jumping :) I am doing my best to help you understand she is just a dog and doesn't understand when she runs into you and likes to sniff everything and we can just ignore her a lot, and at the same time make sure you know you are more important than her and she is not taking your place in our lives or hearts. ;)
I just looked over at Daddy, your all time favorite person EVER in the history of the world, and lamented about how I simply can't write down every wonderful thing about you. You are more of a delight than I can describe and I love you so much. I'm so SO thankful for this season to be able to spend everyday with you.
With so much love, so big.

xoxo, Mama

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