Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Visit Part I (and lots of other stuff!)

Grandma and Grandpa Schurz came for a visit last week and it was wonderful! Just having company, familiar faces during the day, was a real treat. We hiked, went to the beach, played, ate good food, and I am so grateful for such wonderful family time! I started missing them before the door closed. Thank you for everything Grandma and Grandpa!

our first New England Snow! It was HEAVY and WET and snowed all day. Olivia LOVED it and even got to build a snowman with her friends :)

Cades Fall Sport Banquet

Georgie at her post (notice she is sitting right on my decorative pillow. Rascal)
building the tallest tower in the world with Grandma

We did it!

decorating her own tree

putting up our gorgeous tree (Grandpa trying to fix the lights on the top, to no avail.)

the lights!

ornament time

a visit to Camden at dusk

this restaurant in Camden had it all. Lobster straws, crayons in a whale, and even a boat for the french fries!

setting up Grandpa Smalbergers train

she was SO excited the next morning when she saw the train. "yay train! yay train! Hi Train!"

a lovely hike

a fallen tree with a carpet of moss

a fairy house


cheers! Egg nog in my Christmas gift from grandma :)

pretty reflections at Hyde School while feeding the ducks

lobstah dinner

Reid beach

a rare sweet moment ;)

part of the Berlin Wall in Portland

2nd snow. she loves to eat it.

Christmas crafts

oh, let's not forget about Halloween ;)

ghost bananas-the best I could do for this holiday food

just a little bike riding in her costume

a Halloween concert at the library.

she was part of the story!

getting ready to trick or treat. Olivia was so excited! She kept asking when we were going to knock on doors and when we left the house she exclaimed "I'm so excited about my first day of Halloween!"

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mom said...

So glad Jim and Patsy could visit. I looks like you guys had great week!