Friday, May 1, 2015

Girls Trip 2015

In April I got to take my first "real" girls trip with 4 of the dearest girls. It's difficult to describe the bond I have with this girls. College roommates, best friends, sisters. I've known them now for 15 years! We've been through some of the highest highs and lowest lows together. We are spread out from the midwest to the east coast, but regardless of the time and distance that separates us, each time we are back together it as if no time has passed at all. We are going to do our best to make this an annual tradition now. I sure hope we can! Their smiles and hugs fill up my soul.

Tiff was our gracious hostess this year. She lives in the most picturesque village in NJ and her home, true to Tiff fashion, is gorgeous. Her husband Brian took the boys, John (almost 4) and William (15mo) a majority of the time so Tiff could enjoy some girl time. The poor boys both got a tummy bug, though :( Tiff just rolled with the punches (as did Brian) and everyone still had a great time! Thanks a million, Tiff!

This was the first time I've left Olivia overnight. I was quite sad and thought about her AND talked about her pretty much nonstop. She and Jeff did great and we Skyped each evening, which was special. I think it was great for all of us and now we know we can handle it.

I wish I could write a book about each of the girls. We are all so different, yet our friendship is like the prettiest bouquet of flowers you've seen. All of our personalities seems to bring out the best in each of the others. Let me see if I can at least summarize a little.

Tiff: graceful, gracious, genuine, positive, optimistic, encouraging, gentle, beautiful

Sar: driven, sassy, funny, bright, thoughtful, real, caring, loyal, beautiful

Steph: strong, sensetive, hilarious, boisterous, easy-going, assertive, loving, kind, beautiful

Grace: empathetic, supportive, kind, attentive, warm,  funny, persevering, affectionate, communicative, beautiful

NYC, here we come!

making decisions and mapping the course

I know all those pictures are basically the same, but you should see how many I deleted! That's how it goes with us ;) Thanks to Brian for humoring our photo shoot (and thanks to Sar, who really doesn't love these special photo times ;)

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mom said...

How fabulous that you and your beautiful friends had this time together. Looking forward to next year's pictures!