Monday, June 8, 2015

A visit from Grandma Smalberger

 Grandma Smalberger came to visit for a week and we had the most glorious time! She spoiled us totally, but even if we had never left the house it would have been wonderful having her here. We missed her before her plane ever got off the ground. Come back soon grandma!

showing off her garden

picnicking and playing at library park

a special trip to the coffee shop

it rained solidly for about 3 days while she was here, which was perfect for puddle jumping and searching for the perfect umbrella tree

we made a sign that was supposed to say "welcome grandma" but instead said "amdnarg emoclew" oops!

a perfect day for Reid Beach

dressing up for a girls night, just those of us above age 4 :)

farmers market

story time at the book store where the author of The Fairy Garden Handbook was there

visiting Wolfes Neck animal farm

making oatmeal with daddy

checking out a lighthouse in Arrowsic

a special seafood dinner at a restaurant called The Osprey

a tea party in a fort

dinner in our hotel near Boston

she loved to pretend to talk on the hotel phone

first time in the subway! there was a musician playing and she danced her heart out.

making a wish in a fountain in Boston Common

another dance opp in a park where public school kids were performing songs and dances

Boston has some amazing architecture. It really is a gorgeous city.

Boston public library-can you spot me and Livi?

while we rode the Subway Livi sang excitedly "I love the subway, I love the subway!" It was so cute.

ballet play time

"taking a tan"

special bedtimes with grandma

this is the perfect beach area. this rock pool was nice and warm and shallow-perfect for us.

playing chase with the waves.

Grandma went all the way in. crazy lady! BRRR.

farmers market

book store story time

after the Fairy House Handbook author read, we saw there was a fairy house area and all the things you would need to add to it outside the book store. it was totally awesome.

falling asleep on the wagon ride

delicious kettle corn

making jam

love this one

using my glasses to read the map

checking out a special book Nadxieli sent in the mail

we got to go to an awesome bouncy house place near our hotel near Boston

helping with Grandma's suitcase

watching Curious George in the hotel!

a selfie with my best girl

sweetest pictures

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mom said...

One of the best vacations ever! Can't wait to see you girls again in a few weeks!