Wednesday, June 17, 2015

May 2015

trying to catch up again!

nature hike with the library-pond exploration

Cade tried the 100 yard dash for the first time at his last meet, just for fun. He is fast!!

another personal best in the mile!

photo by Olivia
always jumping, always climbing

fairy house

sprinkler time

loving the beautiful weather and the picnic table Jeff built

downtown for the Memorial Day parade (with Caroline)

there was a concert at the library and Olivia provided the dancing entertainment, as always ;)

a spontaneous playtime adventure with a new friend at the library pond

cabinet maker extaordinaire

taking a tan

long jumping

dance recital

happy 17th, Cade!

looking for ducks to feed

gymnastics show

we walked all the way to the library in the rain!

beachin' it up!

body surfing Cade!

Olivia's veggie garden

seashell chimes

I tried a cool braid thing. I wish I were better at hair!

gooooo Cade!

playing with a new friend at the track meet. Olivia had such fun with her new friend she cried and cried when we had to leave :(

a cool fishing game at the bookstore

May Day fun at the library park

our first Maypole!

Cade and his friend Nate made us a really yummy and fancy dinner including awesome appetizers!

adorable bun!

adorable smile!

she's texting a friend while we walk

snacking with Olie at waterfront park

we had tulips galore!

beginning stages of the garden

Olivia the fairy

always a great helper

painting her garden sign

the best mother's day yet! Look at these sweet kiddos :) I am one lucky mama

another nature walk with the library, including a nature kit!

her outfit for library day at the Brunswick library. Plus the cool paper mache animals.

her new fairy princess canopy

swinging in the tree with Nola

a play about mushrooms

fort time

too cool for selfies :)

dying the sea shells for the chimes

And that's most of May! I'd better get started on June soon! What a lucky girl I am :)

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