Thursday, July 2, 2015

June 2015

 Happy Summer! Looks like maybe I'll be doing a monthly posting. Where is all the time in a day???
What a great June we had. Visit from Gramma and Grampa Schurz to come.

thank you garden

learning to jump rope!

a garden party at the library

doing Daddy's makeup

waiting for the LOUD train

we went on a new hike called Bradbury Mountain, and there was a playground at the base of the trail

fairy house

baby ducks!

new friends catching turtles, fish and other fun creatures

one piece for the ducks, one piece for her ;)

we found more and more beautiful treasures in our garden!

play time with Olie

anytime Livi sees a kitty she wants to pet it.

a treat at the bookstore since mama read books for story time

flying a kite for the first time

just enjoying downtown

you'll never guess what this is

helping make pizza dough

several very unclear pictures of Cade's track ceremony

play time with a new friend, Stella

Jeff got the scoop on clamming, so we went! We dug a TON of clams and then Jeff fried them up for dinner. Pretty cool, even though I don't care for them.

pool tea anyone?

garden progress

putting in a clothes line

stopping to kiss the flowers

nakie play time

and now we have our own net to catch creatures!

she found another kitty

back in the saddle working on the boat!

Happy Father's Day!

What do you want to do on your special day? I want to clean windows.

We took a spontaneous trip in the all-day rain to Boothbay Harbor. When we got there the rain had stopped and it was warm and lovely. It was the prettiest town I've seen so far!

Livi and I read a new book at the library that was a journal about fairies. We learned that the best time to spy a fairy is Midsummer's Eve. So, here we are! Fairy lights, tiny cookies, flowers, candles, lanterns, musical instruments and pajamas. We didn't see any fairies, but we sure did look. I think we have a new tradition :)

Olivia's Irish faere from grandma and grandpa Schurz.

I remember when sleep, or lack-there-of, just about killed me. We still have some tricky nights, but those days seem so far away. Now I really relish the sweet time we share and I love taking pictures of my angel after she drifts into slumber.

Olivia painted her boat while Daddy painted his.

We love our library! This summer's theme is super heroes. The kids room is all decked out and Olivia loves to dress up in the bat girl costume.

Strawberry picking!

Oh don't worry, Jeff just roofed the carriage house in two days. In between building the boat and new kitchen cabinets. And teaching. And playing.

The summer reading program kickoff.


playing in the kids corner at the book store

the town is getting ready for Heritage Days

don't take my picture!

Happy Half Birthday my sweet angel!

our first harvest. lettuce with lunch.

strawberry cake made with strawberries we picked.

Harrison's bday party on a caboose

mama's worst nightmare

teeny tiny eensy weensy frogs! Olivia loves to catch the tadpoles at library park

Daddy found an inch worm. Probably the coolest animal she has ever seen. She played with it for like an hour and made a little home for him. Then it was the saddest thing when we had to let her go back to the garden. Life lessons.

this girl loves her corn on the cob. I think she got every last kernel.

making a fire for smores. 

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