Monday, October 3, 2016

August 2016

Well, summer is over, I suppose. But we sure eeked out as much of it as we could! 

getting ready to demonstrate the ever challenging pike dive. very serious.

we braved New Meadows river. It was totally wavy and then we had to deal with this. Ew. Not worth it. We'll stick with lakes, thanks. 

angry face

lobster fest in Rockland

a cute little bookstore with a fun kids area

color inspiration for when we paint our house

watching a little olympics

building at the library

trying on a yellow dress for Uncle Scottie's wedding

girls day at the Portland Mall. Karmasouptra soup and bread is THE BEST!

we got to the beach 20 minutes before they closed it because of a storm :(

our newest addition-a 100ish year old piano

we have a frog! I guess out of 10 tadpoles, one survived. Her name is Waterfall. 

easily only 1/10th of our tomato harvest

making salsa

just taking pictures of the boat on Sebago Lake

back to school shopping

preschool screening. she's ready!

scootin' with her new kicks

zinnia's, maybe my new favorite flower. 

cross country season starts! 

Jeff and I both had to work one Saturday, so Cade and Olivia got some quality time together. They visited me at the bookstore :)

this is the trip where we actually hit rock bottom with the propeller. yikes. Not sure I'll ever be ready to tube again. 


rythmic gymnastics. who knew this was an Olympic sport?! But Livi is ALL about it! 


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