Monday, October 3, 2016

September 2016

Our Fall started off with a bang. Senior year, XC, sports scoring, preschool, swim lessons. Whew! It's been so great. See...

preschool sneak peek

treats for Cade's first day of school

first day of preschool! 

after school treat

garden grapes! 

hiking and nature exploring

helping with dinner

I organized a Brown Bear Brown Bear celebration at the bookstore and Olivia was my excellent assistant!

riding Trolley

more hiking

we read a book about What To Do With a Box. We made a kitchen! 

park picnic for dinner

making friends on the beach is the best

working on a baby book for Olivia at our gorgeous library

moving up to level 3! 

the castle Olivia and her friend Stella built at the library-she wanted me to take pictures :)

Stay tuned for our trip to Nebraska for Scottie's wedding!!! Never a dull moment! We are so lucky :)

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