Monday, December 12, 2016

November 2016

reading with Daddy

Livi is one of the older students in her dance class this year, so she got to help demonstrate

my little teenager chatting with Grandma

trimming the tree! 

ducking her head into the aquarium bubble at LL Bean

always posing

my Fall front porch about to say bye bye

yay, gymnastics finally started! 

a fun fundraiser dinner at Livia's school, with photobooth and all! 

playing at a friends bday party

trying on a rainbow of headbands

before the s@#t hit the fan after election day

girl power! 

trying out classical ballet this year. I can't stop taking pictures of her in this class. too precious. 

just a little bubble catching one fall day

goooooooooo Broncos! (one afternoon we had some chips and dip while the Broncos were playing and Livi said "watching football is so fun!")

setting up Grandpa Smalberger's old Lionel train

helping make the cranberry sauce

annual tradition of making our gingerbread house on Thanksgiving day

Jeff had a totally exquisite turkey recipe this year, which was done in steps over 3 days. It was amazing! 

I couldn't capture a good picture of all three of them at once, but each of these is good of at least 1 out of 3 ;)

Jeff's latest project. Isn't it beautiful? He gave it to Cade for Christmas :)

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