Saturday, July 15, 2017

June 2017 pt 1

Our June was packed full of amazing! Summer has arrived, and summer in Maine is wonderful. Cade graduated from high school (!!), Livi graduated from Pre-K, Patsy and Jim visited twice and we had a lovely Schurz family reunion. While we really missed Jake, Diana and Kylie, we had a pretty perfect time with all who were able to make it. It was such a gift to be able to spend such a special week together. Prepare for hundreds of pictures below!

checking out an island near Portland

there were fairy houses everywhere, so of course we built one, too

trying something new with her hair

Cade received a scholarship and we got to attend the event with Patsy and Jim. It was so cool to see him get the award! 

Grandpa is her second favorite playmate aside from Daddy :)

waking the boat up after winter! 

our first time taking the boat on the river. taking a picture of the picture-taker :)

one in college, one in kindergarten :)

Livi does a pretty good job of entertaining herself during otherwise boring-for-a-five-year-old events like high school graduations ;)

Cade and his good friend Tommy


gymnastics show!

Livi and her best friend Lynnette

Olivia and her wonderful Pre-K teachers Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Harrington

Lynnette, Samuel and Livi doing their daily jumps after school

Last day of school celebration: pizza lunch while watching a movie

Livi giving Daddy his Fathers Day cards

while Cade had an courses schedule appointment, we went to the mall and rode the carousel

lego time

Barbie time

tree fort

Olivia has been wanting to go camping, so we bought our first tent. She and I camped in the back yard one night. Now we're ready for real camping?!
OK, here is the beginning of our week a at a lake house for the Schurz reunion. Jeff, Cade, Olivia and I. Jeff's brother Jared and his son Conner-13 (unable to make it were his wife Diana and daughter Kylie). Jeff's sister Jennifer and her kids Hannah-9 and Asher-5 (unable to make it was her hubby Jake. Patsy and Jim.

out of order: Cade getting his scholarship

out of order: more pics of our first trip on the Kennebec

can you spot our frog, Waterfall?

is this not hilarious?!

climbing beauties

Jennifer, Patsy, Jim, Hannah, Asher, Olivia and I drove to the beach part of the lake we were staying on. Jeff and Cade boated over and met us while Jared and Conner slept off their very late travel night.

Hannah and Asher ditched us for the boat! 

Stay tuned for part 2!!!

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