Monday, July 17, 2017

June 2017 pt.2

Asher gave Georgie more lovin' than she's ever seen!

We celebrated Olivia's half birthday while we were there. Yep, we do that. 

look at that catch! (and look at the fish, too ;)

playing with the presents and Uncle Jeffie :)

Grandpa bailing out the boat with his coffee mug after a huge downpour! Jared sat on the corner so the water would pool. 

Georgie always wanted to go into the muddy marsh. I don't know what she wanted in there but it was the reason she took her first swim in the lake! YUCK!

Even after seeing Hannah and Asher tube with Cade, Olivia was scared to go tubing. She tried it with me in the past and I was too heavy with her and we went too slow so it didn't work and was a little scary. But she finally decided to go with Hannah and had a blast. She kept putting her thumb up to go faster! 

Livi had her first level 3 swim lesson on our vacation. She did great and on her third lesson last week she passed the deep end swim test! Her teacher, Briana, is wonderful and Livi is loving her lessons :)

We had to show these westerners how to clam! 

You can't tell at all, but there is a dolphin out there!!!

Jim's cousin Marcy and her husband Fred, who live in VT, came for an afternoon, which was lovely. 

Here's Waterfall again. Grandma is smitten with him :) 

Jeff cooked most of our meals, including clam chowder and clam cakes! 

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