Monday, August 14, 2017

July 2017

July just flew by! (and let's be honest, it's already mid-August. I can't keep up!) We had yet another seemingly perfect summer month filled with adventures and family. I know how lucky we are, and hope we never take it for granted. Here are the pictures from our fabulous month!

Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger visit! We met them at the airport in Portland, then went on to a famous brewery for dinner, followed by icecream! 

fancy tea party

back at the lake house, trying to get Grandpa's hands :)

Livi and Asher eating watermelon

oops. on the way home from the lake house we got a flat trailer tire. boo. 

Heritage Days! One of Olivia's favorite times of the year! 

Olivia was so brave this year and loved the fast rides! 

watching the parade with friends: Pheobe and Stella

working in the carriage house with daddy-building a table. (and wearing pearls, of course ;)

on a mission to catch dragonflies and fish

cherry monster

eating fried dough while waiting for fireworks

garden progress

beach day!

Olivia has started reading Dick and Jane books and she is getting so good! 
Livi's finished table

our greatest boating adventure, from Bath to Boothbay Harbor! 

garden art

tomatoes on the left, pumpkin on the right

who needs a trampoline or swimming pool when you have an air mattress in the sprinkler?!

Livi and I were so cold after this boating trip that we had to wear a blanket in the restaurant! 

another big adventure: our first camping trip!

learning to skip rocks

gotta have Otto's hot dogs and lemonade at Waterfront Park

waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Smalberger at the airport

Livi planned a dog show for them on their first morning

then we took them to Boothbay Harbor! 

Watching Despicable Me 3

Livi had to get a tooth pulled :( This little kitty is what the tooth fairy brought for her bravery :)

At LL Bean for a special brownie that it turns out they didn't have. Oh well, a fun jaunt!

checking out cool boats and the giant Yacht that comes to Maine every year in Yarmouth

our best sand castle yet!

swim lessons

a special dinner from Grandma and Grandpa. Sadly it wasn't all it was hyped up to be AND Olivia got sick to her stomach. (but not from the food.) Live and Learn. At least it was great company! 

Another great adventure: a Maine Scavenger Hunt from DownEast Magazine. There are about 40 places to go around Maine, so we decided to try out 3 of them with my parents. This is Christmas Cove in South Bristol, where we ate at one of the best places we've been to! 

also part of the hunt-Danny's hot dog stand in Brunswick

A Lighthouse on Burnt Island for the hunt

Grandma and Livi counted up all the money Livi had saved and found out she had enough to buy this Barbie she's been wanting for a LONG time. Plus Grandma and Grandpa gave her $10 so she still has money left to save! 

get ready for this awesomeness. after every hit she would pose so I could take a picture. Please tell me she's going to be on the stage!!!

doing some rhythmic gymnastics

catching some tadpoles for our pond at Library Pond. We got 10 more. We'll see if any live over the winter like Waterfall did. Sadly, Waterfall is gone. It wasn't unusual for him to go on a little exploration to who-knows-where for 2 days, but he's been gone for over a week now. I'm telling myself he went over to Hyde School to join some friends, because I'm pretty sad :( 

beautiful nails

30 days until school, you say? Well let's make a paper chain to count down!

And we can't forget our first water park!!! Splashtown! It was a perfect adventure. Great weather, good sized park, fun slides for a brave girl. We all loved it! And of course the ride I thought would be scariest for Livi was her favorite. 
Aren't we fortunate?! May we not ever forget how special our days are, be they filled with adventures or at home with love!

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