Saturday, November 15, 2008

Someplace New Review 1-4

Jeff and I have decided it would be fun to try out a restaurant neither of us have been to each weekend. Since we've been to 4 now, I thought it might be cool to give a little review of each place. So here you go!

1. A Flavor of NY Deli. Old Colorado City. A very cute, Italian style decor. Very small, but nice outdoor seating for a warm day. Features deli-type cuisine, like meatball sandwiches (Jeff liked his!) to grilled cheese (mine was OK, but pretty plain and normal for $8.) Our overall review would probably be a 6.5 of 10. It was tasty and cute, but too overpriced for a deli. Maybe not in actual Manhattan, but in COS, yes.

2. NOSH. Downtown. Absolutely wonderful ambiance. Inside a beautiful building on the southern tip of downtown. This is a new restaurant that would probably entice the young and trendy, and those who can afford to spend a lot of $$ on not so much food. You might say eating there is an artistic experience. They also have lots of great wine choices, of which we did not partake in order to save a buck. They have a cool menu feature on weekends after 4 where you can get 4 "noshers" for $24. Things like crab cakes, smoked salmon, a brie plate, an olive sampler, latkes, and many more. This is what Jeff and I tried. We really like all our choices. And after we left we came home and had grilled cheese and soup! I would highly recommend this place for something fun and different :) 10 of 10

3. Jun's. Voted #1 for Japanese food in COS. We both like sushi. In fact I think Jeff said it's one of his favorite types of food. Sadly, we were not that impressed with Jun's and would probably stick to AI. But there are two cool tables that have holes underneath them so when you sit, you sit on the floor and put your legs in the hole. A fun experience, if nothing else! 5 of 10.

4. Fratelli's. A.Dor.A.Ble. Or maybe a better description is beautiful. We just drove upon this little surprise tonight. We didn't know what to expect when we walked in. It was seemingly very authentic for an Italian ristorante. A great place for a romantic date with dim lighting and candles on the table and even an Italian waiter! They even have a "sunset menu" and an Italian social club. The food was high priced, but tasty. I have a special place in my heart for Paravacini's because it was our first date AND the place Jeff proposed, but this new one just might tie as far as quality and taste. I probably wouldn't go there, though, unless it was a special occasion and we have saved up! 8 of 10

Stay tuned for next week! YUM!


Melanie L said...

You should ask Kate about her and Chris' Fratelli experience. :)

bass family said...

I like it! Makes me wish we HAD four great new places to try in Franklin. Hmmmmm. Our most recent new restaurant (and let's be honest, I was super excited about it) is Sonic. Fancy fancy I tell you! :)

Blomgren2 said...

Terri, You're so creative! I love your reviews and I love hearing about new places to eat!

Ben & Laura Barlow said...

that last place is a gazillion times too clean to be authentic italian. I LOVE the baby restaurants in Italia, but water is the same price as wine, so my choice was obvious.