Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From worshiping Allah to worshiping Yahweh

I've always been pretty intrigued by Islam. And I've had the suspicion we get so much of it wrong. Here is a very interesting Q and A by a Christian who used to be a Muslim. It's long, but I think you might learn something. I know I did.

Here are some quotes that stood out to me:

When asked what was different between his childhood and that of a typical North American's, part of his answer was: "We had close proximity to the natural world without the demand to subdue and exploit it."

When talking about joining the Catholic Church: "I realized that a cultural paradigm had usurped the place of God in our enlightened scheme of things, and that was one reason why for so long the church tried to make me feel guilty and untrustworthy for claiming the Christian name...I thought Jesus was for real in spite of the prevarications of the church. "

When asked about keeping relationships with his Muslim family and friends: "The love of money is a universal desire, admittedly, but being in America turns it into a prerequisite. It trumps everything else."

Advice to evangelical missionaries: "The cultural captivity of Christianity has not spared evangelicals in America. Witness the bellicose tone of many evangelical leaders applauding America's military intervention in Iraq, making religious militancy a partner with America's military might in a joint assault in the war on terror and on Islam. The flag has become a more prominent symbol in many evangelical churches than the cross...One should also recall that Christianity originated in the Middle East, and that the language of the Arabs is much closer to that of Jesus than, say, English. We risk a chauvinistic promotion of American culture in the guise of true religion unless we can separate meat and sandwich."

There is much more!

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bass family said...

Terri, I am glad you included some quotes... I will try to get to the whole article eventually... :) I am definitely intrigued! Thanks for always making me think. I miss that! And I miss you :)