Saturday, January 3, 2009

Life without family just wouldn't be really living

OK, so these pictures are way out of order, but there are just too many for me to click and drag and drag and drag and you get my point. So I'll just caption them and you can use your imagination for the rest :)

Here are Clarence and Chloe in our backyard enjoying the Spring-like weather. Jeff, while enjoying the weather, hates the fact that it WILL. NOT. SNOW.

Jeff and Cade whittling walking sticks with the new knives they got from Santa.

As soon as Cade got the lid off this shoe box, Clarence decided it was perfect for him. As you can see, it's not.

You can't even really see that he's in a box from the top view!

Jake, Jenn, Hannah at Patsy and Jim's house (Jeff's parents) listening to Jeff serenade them on his new electric guitar!

Jeff doing his best to whitewash the cousins outside Jim and Patsy's house in Montrose.

This is how Jeff ignores the chaos around him. He was watching the Broncos get beat. And then his Christmas wish came true: Shanahan got fired! Seriously, it felt like we were in a movie here. There was so much noise and action and it was non stop. Now I know what bigger families with little kids are like!

There are rarely any pictures of Patsy because she is always behind the camera. Well this one is priceless!

All the cousins, Kylie, Conner, Cade and Hannah, helping Hannah open her present.

Jared, Jenn and Jake watching Hannah open another gift. (Jared, Jenn and Jeff are siblings.)

More opening.

We went snow shoeing in Ouray. It was stunningly gorgeous, not to mention a blast. Here is Patsy with Lucy the dog about to slide down this ledge.

Jeff looking over the ledge before he FLIPPED off.

Jeff not waiting for his dear wife to catch up ;P

Patsy, Kylie and Jared.

Lucy, who reminds me so much in looks of my dear old Sheba.

Kylie, Cade, Jared, Jeff.

Another shot of Patsy! I am the winner!

Jeff going to rescue Kylie because when she and Cade just started climbing her snow shoes fell right off.

Jeff trying out his electric guitar after he opened up his amplifier on Christmas morning.

Christmas at our house for the first time!!

Santa brought pocket knives.

...and toys for the kitties.

And tons of other stuff!

Cade is tracking Santa with NORAD on Christmas Eve. He LOVED it! (score one for step mom!)

Decorating sugar cookies for Santa. Score another one for me! My dad and I did this every year, even up until last year. Well, Scott and mom would join in most of the time, but it became a dad, daughter thing even more. Now it can be a Schurz family tradition!

Rolling out the dough.

Mixing the food coloring into the frosting.

Christmas Eve supper with Mom and Dad. It was delicious. Jeff made a ham and we had cheese fondue. Maybe another tradition :)

We went to the Smalberger house a few days before Christmas to celebrate with my parents, grandparents and Scott and Brandy. This is probably the most classic picture I will ever have. Jeff might not be the happiest that it is now here for the world to see. Or at least for the 5 of you reading.

The family picture. I LOVE it!

Grandma playing with her puppy the way you are supposed to play with puppies: on the floor.

Jeff playing with the other puppy the way you are NOT supposed to: on the furniture!

The boys cutting down some trees.

And that's that, folks. Christmastime 2008. It was wonderful. And I am NOT looking forward to going back to work in 2 days. Oh well. Only 358 days until next Christmas!!

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Monty and Marie said...

That pic of Clarence in the box is HILARIOUS! I was laughing forever! And, I love those beautiful pics of you guys snowshoing. Glad you got to enjoy some snow. It looks like you had a fantastic first Christmas!