Wednesday, March 4, 2009

off she goes

Lindsey left last weekend. It was sad. But at least we had fun before she left!

Me, Stace, Linds, Liz, Grace

Me and Linds
Stace, Grace and Linds

Also, she is the sweetest girl ever and got us these awesome personlized tumblers as going away gifts (even though SHE was the one going away!) Isn't mine perfect for me? Man, I'm going to miss this girl!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yay!! a whole post about me! ;) i LOVE it! haha!

and i miss you a lot. i will continue to read your blog. don't worry. just because i don't sit all day and listen to your music anymore doesn't mean i won't be visiting.... ;)

oh...and this is LL in case you didn't know... ;) AND maybe i should start a blog???? about the reality tv show in which i will star...or maybe just about the reality that is my actual life. i mean...its always interesting. ;)