Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break

Cade and Jeff had Spring Break last week. Let's not focus on my jealousy. Instead let's talk about all the cool things they did!:

Built a bird house.
Made a flagstone path.
Played guitar.
Saw Monsters Vs. Aliens.
Watched about 5 James Bond movies.
Played Monopoly.
Played Dominoes.
Played a game Cade made up.
Took me out to lunch.
Visited with Grandma and Grandpa Schurz.
And so much more!

Here is the path. Cade dug it out and helped put in the rocks!

This was a typical evening. Jeff entertained us while we read. Cade was supposed to read about 300 pages. Well his book was much longer than that, but he had to finish it by Monday and write a report. Sadly he kept forgetting his book at his mom's house, so he had way too much to catch up on. He's a good little reader, though. We were proud of how much time he spent reading!

Here is the progression of the greatest bird house in the history of bird houses:

And a little Monopoly. I got creamed. These Schurz' are hard core Monopoly players!

It was a great week! And it went from about 70 the first weekend to a blizzard on Thursday. Crazy Colorado. More to come in June! (that's summer vacation, NOT the next time I'll post)


bass family said...

SO FUN!! Don't you wish ALL grown-ups still got spring break?! :)

And I thought OUR weather was crazy here... we went from warm to chilly... but nothing like 70 to a blizzard! Good times :)

Sassie said...

We are awesome at Monopoly! I'm talking days long games over Christmas... :-D