Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas photo overload

I probably didn't need to post all these pictures, but I just couldn't help it. Everyone is just so cute! We had a great time in Montrose, and then back at our house for more presents. We are blessed! And seriously, I know I've said it before, but Hannah is the CUTEST EVER!

Hannah enjoying some dessert.

out of order, of course, a bunny in our back yard that Cade snapped a photo of.

Cade picked out a huge puppy for Hannah since she loved his giant penguin so much. She loved "doggie!"

Hannah loves Cade :) (and vice versa. "she's nice" Cade kept saying. Must be different than little brothers ;)

Cade built Jeff an awesome demolition tool and hid it in the garage with a treasure map to find it.

Cade taught Hannah how to touch his new ipod touch. I'm sure Jenn and Jake are thrilled to have her learning video games at an early age ;)

Hannah helped Cade open his gifts.

Some of the pictures I had to include just because the candid facial expressions are hilarious.

Jenn and Jakes dog Lucy enjoyed the presents, too.

Cade, Jake and Jenn

Grandpa, Hannah and Cade

Cades cousin Conner brought over his awesome drums and everyone gave them a try. (even Hannah and Grandma!)

Hello, how cute is Conner???!!! And that boy had rhythm!

Patsy and Jim

Grandpa and Hannah

Hannah literally knew almost all the words to the entire Frosty the Snowman song.

Jenn and Jake


Kylie the rockstar

Hannah telling Jeff all about "baby."

Helping Jeff load the dart gun. Another thing I'm sure Jenn and Jake are thrilled she learned ;)

The tradition of snow shoeing after Christmas-gorgeous

Jeff and Cade

Cade, Kylie and Conner

Back at our house doing one of his favorite things-drinking egg nog. Not just any egg nog-the BEST egg nog in the history of the world. Royal Crest. 12%. Yep.

More presents at our house!

Oops, a stray picture from Montrose. Jared, Conner, Cade, Jeff and Kylie.

Not sure what Jeff got, but clearly it's awesome

Parallel clamps? OH YEAH.

A cool remote jet from Aunt Ann.

Checking out the multi tool that he was so excited to finally get!

And I think that's all for now folks. Thanks for stopping by!


bass family said...

I for one LOVE all the pictures! My my that Hannah IS a cutie! I love seeing the pictures of her and Cade... how sweet he is with her. oh and I'm liking Jeff's beard too! Is that a new thing or am I just now noticing?

Sarah Feaster said...

Ter - it looks like you have had a wonderful Christmas! Hugs to you... looking forward to whenever our next hangout is!

The Lynns said...

yay! great pics, Ter! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!