Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmastime is Here!

Well, Christmastime WAS here. I've been trying to post some pictures FOREVER but the computer just would not cooperate. We have faster Internet now, though, so it's working. YAY! We've had a great week with Cade here and we have another week to go! :) I've had two fun Christmas parties with friends and we celebrated with Jeff's family in Montrose. We've also played in the snow with my parents. We still haven't even opened all of our presents yet. "That's one good thing about having so many parents-there are lots of presents." Cade. ;) I'll check in again soon. I hope you've all been enjoying a season of peace, love, joy and rest. Merry Christmastime!

Liz and Kevin's adorable place downtown. They did a gorgeous job decorating-as soon as you walk in you feel at home.

Staci, Grace and Liz. We celebrated with cini-mini's and apple cider.

Me and Liz

Grace and Stace were cracking up! We had to take about 5 pictures before they could pull it together :)

Jeff and I had a Christmas date last year and I made all green and red food. I decided it should be a tradition (the date night, not the green and red food) so this year we had an italian theme. Pizza bread and spaghetti with meatballs. YUM!

I went to Tiff and Brian's beautiful home in Denver for another party with the college gals. Tiff has done an amazing job with their place. You feel like you are walking into a catalog. It was so fun celebrating with a Raclette meal.

Me, Tiff, Steph, Grace and Sar

Here we are getting ready to sled at my parents place. It was so cool trying out the sled Cade built. It worked GREAT and was super fast!

There goes Mom!

Dad trying out Cades sled.

What is he doing? Maybe the tube is too slow for him!

Cade even said the sled was easy to push up the hill.

Mom and Dad thought they'd go down the hill together. Mom looks like a raggedy ann doll!

We roasted hot dogs after the sledding trip. A really fun day!

More pictures to come!


bass family said...

Love it Ter! So much Christmas fun, so little time. :) SO I'm super impressed that Cade built a sled... I suppose he has his dad's woodworking talents??

Kim W. said...

Love all the pics, friend! You and the gals look gorgeous as always :-) Miss you tons!!!

Blomgren2 said...

Okay soooo many posts to catch up on!
1. I wish I was at your Christmas party at Liz's - Looks like your gals had a blast!
2. Your mom sledding = awesome
3. I love the bon fire in the woods!