Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bummers and Blessings

Well our week didn't turn out as we had intended. We picked Cade up last Saturday and were bummed that his plane was late because of weather. But we were blessed and glad to have him home and we had a great time hanging out together for the week! He got to play with his friend and have a sleepover. We visited my parents, went for a bike ride (sadly Cade's bike was stolen from our yard-major bummer! :( How can people do that, I will never understand. We're on the hunt for another great craigslist bargain now.) and to the movies. We picked up a Christmas tree and decorated it, too! I finished a book in about 4 days, which is fast for me. Jeff worked on projects. It was wonderful to have the time off-a major blessing! BUT, we were terribly bummed because we weren't able to visit Patsy, Jim, Jennifer, Jake and Hannah as planned :( We didn't check the weather in time to see that there were blizzard conditions on Monarch Pass on Wednesday. Now we know to check way ahead of time so we can leave early if we need to. It was so sad to miss Thanksgiving with the Schurz' and Rehard's. We were all really looking forward to the time with family and the great traditions they have. I'm still pretty sad. We're thankful that Jeff's parents and sister's family live in the same town so that they weren't alone for the holiday. We're also thankful that my parents and grandparents were together here, and we were able to join them-a wonderful blessing. We had a great day feasting and playing, watching football and chatting. We had to get up before the sun this morning to say goodbye to Cade. It's always so sad. At least we get to see him again in 3 weeks for Christmas!

In the midst of a delayed flight, a stolen bike, a canceled trip, we are so thankful for our families, our good health, the chance to be together, the roof over our heads, delicious food and wonderful life we have. We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too, and are able to remember the blessings in spite of the bummers! Enjoy the Christmas season!

And now on to the random photos:

Clarence getting ready to read Rudolph

Setting up our new tree!

Isn't it lovely?

Clarence really wanted to go to Montrose, too :(

One of my favorite things EVER, enjoying a lit tree.

Jeff making a delicious cornbread stuffing

Cade giving Ruby some love. I think they would have been happy to stay together for days and days.

The men enjoying the day.

And is this not the funniest picture ever? Dad and Granddad TEXTING!

Jeff and Cade scoping out the Black Friday deals

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mom said...

I love the picture of Clarence and the Rudolph book!