Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dilemma

Thanksgiving. One of the best holiday’s of the year. Why? Giving thanks, duh. Turkey, duh! But wait. Turkey is meat. Oh dear, what will I do? First of all, let me say I’m not a vegan, meaning I still eat dairy products, things that are given to us by animals. Although I do try to get those products from animals who are treated well. I’m also not a really intense vegetarian who refuses to eat from a kitchen that also serves meat, or won’t even go to someone’s house if they aren’t vegetarians. I mean, let’s face it, food it good! And sometimes food is meat! Therefore, sometimes, Meat is Good! Soooo, during this happy holiday season, what will I do? Let’s keep in mind that turkey isn’t the ONLY delicious food served for Thanksgiving. There is also dressing (or is it stuffing?), cranberry relish, green bean casserole, MASHED POTATOES!, gravy, salad, sweet potatoes, PIES!, noodles (?? Yes, the Smalbergers have noodles with Thanksgiving every year. Try it. You’ll never go back!) and many many more dishes depending on your own traditions. But wait yet again. Gravy? It has meat in it. Dressing? Has meat in it. Many dishes have some sort of meat product, like, well, chicken broth, at the very least. So will I refuse them? Probably not. Don’t forget this wonderful invention, No Chicken Broth. Yep. It’s very close to actual chicken broth, and is meat free!

There are many options for vegetarians during this feasting celebration. We can choose not to feast at all. LAME. We can try to eat only the non-meat dishes such as pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, which could work very well for some of us. We can prepare our own dishes using non-meat products like No Chicken broth. We can make half of the feast for our loved ones who are carnivores and half for us. Or we can just let it go for a day. No matter what, hopefully we will enjoy the family, friends and food that surrounds us!

AND if you LOVE dressing/stuffing, you can check out this Swanson’s debate/giveaway. Everybody’s doing it-even the vegetarians ;)’

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