Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deck the halls!

Let's face it. I love Christmas! And I love Thanksgiving. But why not enjoy Thanksgiving WHILE enjoying the spirit, lights, bells, tunes, and LOVE of Christmas?! Some may call me crazy. I call me doing what I love.

Here is Clarence. He gets in this box every night now! I think it's too small and cramped, but he still climbs in. Jeff says I'd better not mess with it or Clarence will stop loving it. I don't know...

And on to the Christmas Cheer! We'll be picking out our tree when Cade get's here. YAY!

I Believe!

And here are some steps I built for Chloe (with Jeff's expert woodworking help, of course). She is RUINING our couch with her claws. Poor thing, I think she has arthritis. But if she keeps putting holes in the couch I might go insane. Of course she won't use the stairs. She is scared of them. Now what?!


bass family said...

YESSSSSSSSSS! I love it!!!

Sara Joy Martin said...

Oh I love this! It makes me so excited to decorate for Christmas!!!

PS- life has been super crazy busy lately with photos but things will slow down after Thanksgiving. Can we plan a lunch date then? I really do miss you and am dying to catch up.