Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday this and Birthday that

I had such a wonderful birthday with many celebrations this year! I'm so spoiled! First, Jeff and I went out to dinner last weekend because I was going to be traveling to Nebraska this past weekend. It was so fun to enjoy DELICIOUS sushi with my hubby :) Then Mom and I took a little road trip to McCook to visit Grandma and Granddad. We had a bit of a girls weekend. We went shopping, made throw pillow covers, ate cake and dessert galore and had a little party for Grandma and me. Grandma's bday was the 25th. It was wonderful to spend such quality time with my grandparents, who I love so dearly. Then I came home yesterday to a clean house, a NEW bedspread from Pottery Barn WASHED and on the bed, laundry done and put away and tulips and a cake! Hello! Can anyone say AMAZING husband?! I can!

Here are the photo memories of it all, including too many pillow making photos, so beware:

My beautiful new bed!

The tulips and cade from Jeff as well as many other wonderful cards

Mom making my favorite: triple chocolate cake.

mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm

Granddad after wiping tears from his eyes. My dad picked out cards for both Grandma and me that made us all cry! they were so sweet :)

Grandma made these beautiful tea towels for mom!

Girls weekend! I LOVE this picture of my mom.

Flowers for Grandma

Birthday girls

a picture of lovely blossoms on one of their trees

One of the pillows we covered with the fabric

the 2nd pillow with it's fabric

the striped pillow with a new white pillowcase so the stripes wouldn't show through

and working and working and working!

Finished product #1!

Finished product #2!

How blessed I am!

Being silly!

Looking lovely at home in our living room and guest room :)


Sarah said...

I love it! ALL the new pictures... and what a fabulous birthday celebration. Your mom & grandma (AND YOU!) are just beautiful. Happy, happy birthday friend!

Carly said...

I love your new pillows and duvet, I love seeing what's going on in your life, and just love you in general :) I'm so glad you had a happy birthday.