Thursday, April 21, 2011

Speaking of Earth Day...

...which is tomorrow, check out these sexy chicks:

Meet the new additions to our family: Carmelita, Ophelia and Ruby. They are 2 weeks old here. We decided to go straight up hippie! OK, probably not Jeff, but it was really his doing and I'm so excited! He's going to build a beautiful coop and run for them so when they grow up they will have a happy and healthy home in our back yard. And they will provide us with delicious eggs. Don't get me started on "cage free" and "free range" chicken eggs. And if you enjoy eating eggs, DON'T look it up! It's terrible. So for us, it's new pets!

Carmelita and Ophelia (all 3 named by Jeff, FYI-after I turned down Chicken Nugget and Chicken Strip! ) are Buff Orpington hens and Ruby is a Rhode Island Red hen. We expect Ruby to be a "tough bird, resistant to illness, good at foraging and free ranging, and typically docile, quiet, and friendly....and a good layer through cold periods. We expect Carmelita and Ophelia to be big, beautiful, friendly and cold-hardy due to their fluffy plumage, also good egg layers. :)

Here is Ruby scratching an itch

under their heat lamp

Jeff, Clarence and Chloe saying hello. Clarence loves laying down and watching his new sisters and is very good about not getting too close. Chloe couldn't care less ;)

For some reason they like to stand and lay down on top of their food bowl.

showing off for the camera

Jeff likes to lay down with them at night so they get used to him :)

And here are two short clips of them. they are just so cute!


jotoart111 said...

These videos of them where you can hear them peeping is sooo cute.
I love you and Jeff just deciding to be chicken farmers! You go GIRL!!

Sara Joy Martin said...

Ahh!!! Look a the chickies!!!

Anonymous said...

Carmelita is my favorite ...

You go, hippie girl! Love this idea, and I hope to have chickens of my own someday (perhaps AFTER NYC :)