Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break!

We had a great Spring Break with Cade. Cade's friend Brandon was also on break, so they got to do plenty of hanging out and even had a sleepover! Cade got to go bike riding with Patsy and Jim, and with my dad, and we got to hang out with my parents and have another bb gun contest. We went to Manitou Springs and played at the Penny Arcade and had a delicious Greek lunch. Cade built a special lap holder for the new (old) laptop that Grandpa fixed up for him and of course plenty of video games were played in the new basement! It was a fun filled week, and totally sad to say goodbye again. Only 2 more months until summer, though! YAY! A new box Clarence snuggled into for a while. (such a lovely decor element, no?)

Jeff hunkering down to get the bad guys!

Cade and Brandon playing Foosball.

I LOVE PINBALL! I sampled some old and some new. The arcade has probably 20 different pinball machines alone! Cade loves it, too :)

More shooting...


And can you believe how tall Cade is getting? He's almost caught Grandpa! We forgot to measure him, but can you imagine how tall he'll be by the end of summer! He'll be a teenager in less than 2 months!

Aren't they cute with their matching glasses?

Hopefully both grandma's will send me their pictures from our week and I can update with some grandparent fun.

And I made a crafty project. I totally copied Pottery Barn. Nothing that is for sale, but it was in their catalog. Pretty cute, eh? They are Chinese proverbs.


jotoart111 said...

I love it! I love the pictures of youj guys in the Penny arcade, too cute! and I cannot believe how tall Cade is! Wow. Your Pottery Barn project look so offical, I just would buy these! Did you stencil your letters or freehand them? Ter, I am impressed!

Sarah said...

looks like an awesome spring break!! So glad Cade has you guys... what great memories you made!! oh and I love the new decorations too :)

The Lynns said...

Yay, Terd! Looks like you guys had fun!! And good work on those signs! Impressive!!