Sunday, November 6, 2011

BUMP - 31 weeks

Only 9 weeks left! I've been told baby is the size of a squash this week, but I think they told me that same thing for the past 3 weeks, so who really knows. All I know for sure is I feel big and uncomfortable. BUT, my grandma made me a cute maternity top and went on a crazy shopping spree sale and brought a bunch of cute shirts this weekend. And she and my mom made me another pair of maternity pants out of my old jeans. So YAY! I'm more comfortable than I could be :) Thanks Grandma and Mom!


Ashley said...

you are entirely small belly...look at you cute butt! are you sure you aren't just sticking something up your shirt??? :)

Sarah said...

AHHHH!!! I love it!! You are adorable!!

Carly said...

Cutest pregnant lady EVER. Did you grandma make that shirt you're wearing? If so, that's awesome. I want to hire her as my personal seamstress!