Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Showered with love!

I had a beautiful shower last weekend. Some of my dear college friends (Sarah, Tiff, Steph and Grace) and my sweet mom put together the perfect celebration of Olivia! There was unbelievable food (quiche, pumpkin bars, fruit, parfaits, pumpkin coffee, a gorgeous chocolate cake and so much more!), precious decorations and wonderful friends from all walks of life. Even the games were fun. I felt so loved and I feel like Olivia is already so loved. I can't begin to tell you all the wonderful gifts she received, from clothes to diaper bags to swings to pacifiers. Am-may-zing! Here are a few pictures of the day. Thank you so much to everyone who came and gave so generously AND to such sweet girls who gave and weren't able to come!!! I hope everyone's generosity will be repaid a million times over!

One of many adorable outfits! But most importantly, look at my beautiful mom!

Look at these shoes that my friend Brynn made!

And these bibs my grandma made!

This is a blanket my grandma and mom made long before I was even married :)

Tiff made this awesome car seat cover. Aren't the colors and patterns perfect?!
These lanterns were part of the decorations for the shower and now they are above Livvy's dresser.

Look at the crib bedding! It's just perfect for her nursery. I wish it were on our bed, but I have a feeling Jeff might not agree. ;)

More sweet lanterns

My cousin Misty MADE this! A diaper cake with cute decoration, ribbons, soaps and the little giraffe. It must have taken her forever. It's awesome!

Misty is also letting us use this swing. Tiff's son John got to try it out :)

Steph posing by the drink bar

Look at how cool the cake is!

The brunch spread-delicious!

My grandma holding John


Sarah said...

This is perfect! I love it! (p.s. those shoes are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!)

mom said...

Ahhh... Such nice pictures and comments. I am still mad at myself for not taking pictures of all your nice friends who were there. It was great to meet your new friends and to see you "old" friends again!

Carly said...

Your mom and friends are so creative. What a beautiful shower. I wish I could've been there!