Monday, December 26, 2011


Scott and Jeff trying out Cade's remote helicopter.

Cade and Scott playing computer games. For hours. Hilarious.

It snowed! It was so pretty. The guys all took their eggnog out to enjoy it.

Preparing to make a snow angel.

What a beautiful angel :)

Our backyard bunny enjoying the snow. Or looking for food.

Sledding with the ski sled Cade and Jeff made last year. It broke this year, but they got a few good runs in.

Putting the teenager to work. (with neighbor Brandon apparently supervising.)

I got to open my gift from Jeff early so I could use it to make breakfast. It was awesome! You should have seen all the bacon and eggs :)

Checking out what Santa brought with Grandpa Smalberger.

Busy in the kitchen with Grandma Smalberger.

Jeff and Scott doing something on the computer while the elves, Grandma and Cade, passed out presents.

Cade had to maneuver under the tree to get all the presents. I was a bit scared we'd have another tree fall over on another grandma, but all was well.

 Lots of unwrapping to commence...

Grandma got these push up things that she's hoping will help her elbow to not hurt. Everyone had to give it a go.

Christmas dinner was a delicious ham and mac 'n corn dish made by Grandma with Coca Cola's from Santa. YUM!

More helicopter fun.

It was an extremely wonderful Christmas weekend and week leading up to it. We are so blessed and feel so loved and hope that all of you feel the same. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sarah said...

Merry Christmas Terrrrrrr! :) It looks like a wonderful Christmas... So excited to hear the big news that Olivia has arrived!! :)

Carly said...

Merry Christmas! I love all your snowy pictures. It's 60 and sunny here. WTF? Wanna trade?? Miss you!