Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

...your face will surely show it...

if you're happy and you know it say hooray!

loving the water in the garden center at lowes

yay for pictures with a smiling baby girl!

a happier mama there never was

I could write a thousand words about the love of a mother. About how I couldn't understand it's depth until sweet Olivia swept up my heart. About how I could never express my gratitude fully enough to my mom, her mom, my dad's mom. About how there is no way, in a million weekly or monthly blog posts I could explain how my heart beats in time to the rhythm of my daughter's every breath. For now, I won't try with words. They will float around in my heart for a while, words soaking up this meaning of life. One day I will try to put them down, so my sweet Olivia can get a glimpse. Until then, just look at those smiles. A picture is worth a thousands words.  

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