Thursday, May 9, 2013

Third (!) Cousins...and more

We've been having some fun lately! Olivia's 3rd cousin Kyler (and my 2nd cousin Colin and his wife Kerrie) came down last weekend to hang out. Kyler is 2 weeks younger than Olivia and it was a BLAST to see them together :)

morning snacks in the back yard

Clarence got to come out and play for once, lucky boy

Grandma went to the zoo with us!

Change the channel!

another "purse"

Olivia loves bananas

just hanging out. not much cuter than a baby in a white onesie :)

putting on her own jacket. she also likes to try to put on her own shoes, hat and pants!

Clarence love

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Daddy building a new gate last weekend

Kyler and Olivia playing

My mom didn't even know she had a bird on her shoulder right away! Kyler is feeding him :)

Olivia's turn

This was actually on the way TO the zoo. The same thing happened on the way home :)

playing in the chicken coop

new shoes

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mom said...

It was fun at the zoo!
Loved the videos of Olivia "talking" on the phone.