Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas/Birthday/New Years Continued... more pictures from Patzy and couldn't NOT put them on the blog :)

relaxing in her chair among her balloons

new bike!

handing out presents

putting a shoe on her new doll Amelia. all of her other babies are named "Baby." I asked her if we should name this baby Gracie? No. Sophie? No. Amelia? Yes. :)

stylin' in her new nike outfit from Aunt Diana

could these cousins be any cuter? 

good thing Olivia has two babies! 


Olivia drives

Cade drives. For real. 

This was a fast and bumpy ride!!

all 14 of us

look out!

yes, all 14 again :)

Cade is like his Dad, everyone loves him :)

listen, when all 14 are together, you take pictures

at the hot springs in Ouray. 

Olivia had this smile on pretty much the entire time. She loved it!

she got it!

this is how she started every single blow :)

reenacting the party crackers

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