Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Merry BirthNewChristmasYearDay

Well, we have had an awesome, overwhelming, busy, fun, fantastic two weeks celebrating Christmas, Olivia's birthday and New Years. We have seen tons of family, for which we are grateful, traveled hundreds of miles, skipped hours of naps, opened zillions of gifts and eaten pounds of sugar. I'd say that equals a great break! I apologize in advance for the pictures that will follow. Some are blurry, some are of distant relatives, some are repeats and some are just plain not interesting unless you are me. But hey, I'm me! I certainly hope your 2013 was a year to remember and your 2014 will be filled with love and light and peace. xoxo!

Granddad and Grammy laughing-I love it!

The best doggie in the world. Ruby let Olivia play with her for a LONG time!

Christmas morning

Presents were a little too chaotic for this mama.

My handsome brother :)

Playing, always.

Opening gifts from Auntie Lu-bowling game and a book

Birthday fun. Sliding backwards!

Two flowers, Olivia and Maddie

Birthday guests: Jessica, Hector, Sam, Zaiden, Maddie, Jackson, Scott, Grandma x 2, Grandpa x 2, Nayelle, Paul, Cade.

Birthday morning: stroller!

Balloon fun with Grandma Schurz

Making a balloon snowman

"helping" Grandma Smalberger decorate for Christmas and bake cookies.

Basically the only way she naps at home nowadays. Go, go, go, go, CRASH.

Smets family Christmas gathering: Grammy and Aunt Shirley

Girls lunch out!

4 generations!

Decorating Santa's cookies.

painting Grandpa Smalbergers nails with blue frosting

Adorable outfit from Aunt Ann

Bath time fun with babies

capturing Olivia enjoying the eggrolls Auntie Lu made!

Chuck E Cheese fun!

trying out the nuts left by Santa. Olivia likes the almonds.

Trying to note where each player left off until next time.

More Christmas morning

mmmm, Coke!

filing Ruby's nails

filing Grammy's nails

reading birthday card from Aunt Jenn

Grammy and Ruby doing a jig

Sharing with Granddad

The infamous, unfinished game

Sprinkling reindeer food in the yard

Starbucks in pajamas date with Mama (mama didn't wear pjs ;)

Olivia loves snow more than I can describe. She would live outside all year round if she could.

painting our toenails Christmas colors

decorating a gingerbread house

Happy New Year!

big girls drinking from the fountain at the library

Fun in Montrose with the whole family (cousin Hannah)

pushing Asher

gathered round the Kindle

first time sledding!

hot sauces from Santa

checking out Hannah's new barbie mansion.

Olivia liked her big girl cousins Kylie and Hannah


Kylie, Hannah, Olivia

In the playroom under the stairs

Cade, Conner, Asher

look out! Cade's behind the wheel! (he got his permit over break)

Her new strider bike!

more birthday party pics

Birthday and Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Schurz

reading to Ruby

She wanted to try on this sweater and scarf from Grandpa right away!

dancing at the Smets Christmas

and of course

Granddad and Nick
And there you have it. I'm actually hoping to add even MORE pictures once I get them from Patsy :) What a wonderful two weeks. I'd say we're happy and exhausted and looking forward to what 2014 will bring our way :) Happy New Year!


mom said...

What great memories. Loved all the pictures. Of course, being the Mom and the Grandma, I could look at pictures like this all day. :-)

Erin said...

Terri, you have such a beautiful and happy family!