Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Things to remember

Olivia does some funny, smart, adorable things that I don't want to forget:

~She will say "silly mama" sometimes, especially if she can tell in my inflection that I did something by mistake. Like if I brew the coffee but don't pour a cup and I say "oops! I forgot to get my coffee!" she will reply with "silly mama," and giggle.

~If she ever gets hurt she wants mommy or daddy to get hurt, too. So if she bumps her head getting into the carseat she will point to me and say "mama bonk" until I pretend to bonk my head, too.

~At one point many weeks ago when Jeff was trying to hug her or snuggle her and she wanted to run and play, he pretended to cry and said "waaaah, I want my babyyyyyyyyyyy." So now sometimes if Jeff is sitting in the living room Olivia will run toward the kitchen and look back and do her fake cry until Jeff says "oh! waaaah, I want my babyyyyyyyyy," holding out his arms and she will laugh and run to him and give him a big hug. Repeat, repeat repeat!

~She likes to "hide" and it is hilarious. She thinks if she turns around and ducks down she is hidden. So we will "look for her" until she turns to face us at which point we jump in surprise at having found her or been scared.

~Almost without fail when I say it's time for dinner she will say excitedly "oooh, yummy! yay! eat time!"

~She says "delicious lunch" and "pretty sweater (or other clothing)

~Whenever you ask Olivia how long she slept she will say Two Hours.

~Daddy had to go to the doctor a few weeks ago for an earache. Ever since then you sometimes tell us your babies are crying and need to go to the doctor. Sometimes they need "mecine" (medicine) or water to feel better.

~She talks about her friends when we are on our way to Nadxieli's house. She names almost all of them and is so pleased when she does. I think she likes Zaiden best-they are closest in age.

~When we go to the park she says "boys" like she hopes there will be boys to play with there. (mostly all the kids Nadxieli watches are boys.)

~Counts to 19

~Says "no like that" if she doesn't want to eat something.

~Says "thank you mommy" a lot and it is just precious.

~Asks to watch Georgie pretty much as soon as she wakes up and any time she is sad.

~Is still a major Daddy's girl and will sometimes literally scream at me to go away and push me and say "no play mommy!" :(

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